About me

About me


Thanks reading my Tech Blog at ReadFromFile.com!

wait… Who are you?
My name is Stefan and I’m from Northern Germany in a small city near the Baltic Sea. I’m currently studying business informatics at university.

What are you going to do with this blog?
I’m really interested in computer science. It’s not only my  subject at university, it’s my hobby and my passion. In my leisure time,  I’m developing a new platform, which contains a mobile app and a  website, called… that’s still secret. And now I also want to become a  blogger. Most posts are about Programming (especially Java), Linux,  Apache HTTP Server and some Android stuff.
If you have a topic I should post about, feel free to send me a mail here.

Do you have a schedule for posting?
There is no specific date or time a new post is available. But you can be notified if an article is released, by adding my RSS feed to your Reader.

Thanks for your support!

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